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„Night fell and I plunged into the stars!“

These were the words my Mama chose for me when one night in May 2006 I passed away quite peacefully. Believe me - I am not gone, I only went to heaven as we would put it, or to another world where there is no pain nor sickness, as other people of different beliefs might say.

However, in the six years I was allowed to be with my Mama and my family I always tried - and this is what I want to tell you - to make the best of my destiny and my Mama and my Papa have always supported me enormously.

I was born on 2 April 2000, with a very large backpack that I had decided to carry. Still, my many serious illnesses have never kept me, my Mama and my Papa from having many sunny moments in life. We never complained but always tried to make the best of our fate. And I believe that it turned out rather well.

When I was almost four and a half years old my little sister arrived which was the most wonderful thing. I love her very very much. Sadly I have never met my second sister Laura in person but I am now the guardian angel of my girls down on Earth.

This is not easy because Mama, Hannah and Laura do keep trying to get themselves into trouble. I must always keep my eye on them. They cannot see me but they know that I am always quite near. And we all know that we belong to each other forever.

I am not only with them alone. Here in heaven I have taken the job of looking after all the children on Earth who came into the world carrying a similar harsh fate such as sickness, poverty, hunger, and so on. Who are not so lucky as to grow up with their parents who might care for them, or who do not have the medical services that I had.

I want to tell you this: No matter what, the good Lord does not burden anyone with more than they can bear. Everything can be done, if only you do not give up! With a strong will and a strong belief you can do anything.

I am very happy about your great school. Do the people proud who have made everything come true. These are your parents who let you go to this school now, and the people who helped build the school and who are still helping you all. Remember that everything you learn is for yourselves, for your future, for your life, and especially for your families.

Lastly I want to say special thanks to my Papa who made it possible that this school was built.

I am proud to lend my name to your school. Try to do me proud as well!

Yours, Luca

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